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Three Tips to Get Things Done When You Have Bipolar Disorder

get it done picBipolar Disorder Management tips: How I get things done! I find it amazing that on some days I can look at my bills and other ‘to do’ items and just sit down and get them done without over-thinking things! Then there are days where just the idea of paying bills or answering email is so overwhelming I simply shut down. This is one bipolar disorder symptom that is very hard to explain, but it’s very real and needs to be addressed. Here are some tips:

1. HIRE SOMEONE TO HELP YOU MAKE MONEY. If you are missing money making opportunities because of feeling overwhelmed, it makes total sense to hire someone who helps you bring the money into your life. The cost of the person you hire comes directly out of the money you make. I’ve found that I lose money when I don’t have a manager.  My manager Tamia often just sits next to me while I work and makes sure I stay on track, especially on the tough days when my brain feels like mush.

2.  READ GET IT DONE WHEN YOU’RE DEPRESSED:  I love this book as it’s not about managing depression- it’s about working even though you have depression. It also works well for anxiety and ADD symptoms.  The 50 strategies in the book are the ones I use daily to keep myself focused.

3.  SPEND MONEY IF YOU HAVE IT: A clean house completely changes your ability to get things done. If you have the money, hire someone to clean your house,  do the gardening, make your meals or anything else that you can easily hand off to someone who does a great job. I find that people who have money tend to beat themselves up over not getting things done when it’s so simple to hire someone to do the basics! People with bipolar disorder do have money.

These are a few out of the ordinary ways to get things done on the tough days!


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What are the Signs of Bipolar Disorder Euphoric Mania?

happy mania mangaAs you may know,  I’m a bipolar coach and I specialize in working with parents and partners who have a loved one with bipolar disorder.  One of the most common questions I receive is from parents and partners about how they can better recognize mania. Here are some tips on how to recognize euphoric mania. (I will do a post on how to recognize dysphoric mania in the next few days.) If you’re not sure of the difference between the two, please use the search button to the right of the page and either type in euphoric or dysphoric to read more about the two types of mania.

Mania is a “Euphoric” high. You feel like you can do no wrong, you feel great, you’re invincible, you can’t believe you’ve ever been depressed.  You are sure you will never be depressed again! Life is good!

You think: This is the best drug in the world and it’s free!

This leads you to spend money recklessly, make big decisions at the spur of the moment and always feel that things will somehow work out. In fact, if you’re really manic, you’re not thinking realistically at all. It’s just pure physical sensation.  I say it’s like you’ve been coated in joy juice.

Euphoric mania is awesome at the beginning- when it’s in the hypomanic phase.

For those who are naturally outgoing and good speakers, the early signs of euphoric mania are usually missed. But when you know what to look for, you can see the mania signs in yourself or your loved one.  If someone is usually more reserved, you will really notice when the mania starts!

Here are three way to recognize euphoric mania:

1.  Look for pressured speech: Most people in a bipolar euphoric manic episode won’t let you talk. They only want to talk about themselves and their ideas. You are just a listening vehicle.  When I get manic, it feels like my ideas and words are pressing on the back of my teeth and I just HAVE TO GET THEM OUT! It feels so good!

2.  Sleep changes: All people who are experiencing mania will need less sleep. When I’m manic, I have thoughts such as Sleep is such a waste of time!  It’s 3 AM and I’m still awake, I don’t think I even need to sleep tonight!  or It’s so great to finally get things done- this is the real me! People who are manic do not have insomnia. It’s truly a situation where the person doesn’t need the sleep and can get by on 4-6 hours a night. When mania goes full blown, some people go for weeks without sleeping.  I always know I’m manic if I feel the desire to go out and party even though it’s time for bed.

3. People who are in a euphoric mania mood swing are very goal driven. Projects that may have been dormant for years get done in a few hours- it’s easy to clean the house, pay the bills, do your taxes, make jewelry, complete to do lists and so much more! When I’m manic like this, I become very crafty and start so many projects there is no way they will get finished- unless I stay manic for a long time.

If you care about someone with bipolar disorder and are not quite sure when they are starting to get euphoric mania, observe how much they are talking about themselves and their dreams and projects. And definitely check out their rate of speech.  That will give you a clue and you can go from there.


PS.  I’m up to date with my waiting list and have a few openings come up in my coaching practice. If you are a parent or a partner of someone with bipolar disorder and you are in crisis, need help and information regarding your relationship, this coaching is for you.  To begin the process, please check out my coaching page and fill out an intake. I will reply with information on how to set up an intake call. During the call, I will hear more of your story, explain my rates and offer ideas on how we can best work together. The call is 30 minutes and at no charge.  Knowing how to handle a situation can change your life.  Please note my coaching is only for parents and partners. Thank you!


Bipolar Disorder and Quitting

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Bipolar Happens! is the #1 Bipolar Disorder Book on the Kindle!

BHenhanced  65Bipolar Happens: 35 Tips and Tricks to Manage Bipolar Disorder is the #1 Bipolar Disorder Book on the Kindle!

That’s exciting. I went to the Kindle store to see how my books Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder and Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder were doing on the bipolar disorder page. These books are in the top ten ranking- and then I saw that Bipolar Happens! was #1.

Fantastic! Bipolar Happens! is an enjoyable book about a serious topic.

Guess what- it’s only $.99 I want it to be available to everyone.

Yes, I think this is a great deal and a good way to get helpful information about bipolar disorder at minimum cost. Bipolar Happens! was my first book. I knew I wanted to talk about how I manage the illness, but I also wanted to tell stories about how it affects my life daily.

There are stories about anger, manic spending, anxiety at a baseball game and what it feels like to be psychotic! It’s a book that family members love too. I love it myself. It’s hopeful.

Click here to go to amazon.com. You can read part of the book and then add it to your Kindle. Wow, $.99!


PS: If you’re new to my work, this is a great way to experience my writing style and the quality of my information. If you like it, you can come back for more.

Having a tough day?

tamia flowers 0ct 2014 smallIf you’re having a tough day, this is a reminder that the world can be beautiful. My mom grew the flowers and my friend Tamia arranged them into this beautiful display.  Julie

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