What is it really like to work when you have active bipolar disorder, psychosis and anxiety?


I just sent out a newsletter. Here is what I experienced the entire time I was working:

1. Shortness of breath. 2. Felt like my heart was in my throat- literally- like a lump. 3. Dizziness 4. Worry 5. Guilt 6. Dread 7. Anger that I have to go through this CRAP 8. Lack of faith in what I was writing. 9. A great desire to simply quit what I was doing. 10. Zero belief I would reach my goal.

I have lived with this my entire life. It is my brain. I have a lot of mental health symptoms that simply show up when I work.

The secret is learning to work THROUGH them.

I sent that darn newsletter and it is beautiful. [ Read More ]

The Kickstarter for Hortensia and the Magical Brain is Live!

Hortensia and the Magical Brain introduces a therapeutic poetry technique that helps parents, caregivers and health care professionals lovingly talk with a child and create an open and healthy conversation around early onset mental health disorders. The poems cover the mean and nasty, scary and suicidal, angry and elated, sad and over the top thoughts and behaviors children with mental health concerns regularly experience.

Let’s shine a light on these NORMAL mental health symptoms and teach kids that they are often a result of brain chemicals that can be fixed though lifestyle changes and if needed, medical help.

This is a beautifully crafted, hard back book that was created for kids whose brains aren’t always on track. Just like mine!

Please visit our Hortensia Kickstarter page to read more about this amazing book. Pledges start at $1 and everyone receives a fun reward as a thank you!

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You Can….Get it Done When You’re Depressed

get it done coverWe can get things done when we are depressed. We can get things done when we are anxious. We can! Here’s my book on the topic. So far today, I’ve used Put Yourself in a Place You Can Work and Be Your Own Drill Sergeant. My biggest issue is focus. Nothing new. The day I crack this problem will be a happy day!

This is the UK version of my book. It’s available all over the world through amazon, but it helps to order it from your specific country. Part of my travels will involve talking with European publishers about translation. It was in Polish at first. Now it’s time for French and Spanish. If you have any publisher ideas, [ Read More ]

Pt. 1 Bipolar Disorder and ADHD Focus Problems

This is me at a sports bar testing my theory of tunnel glasses to counteract my ADHD style swivel head behavior when I have trouble focusing.

Trouble focusing on work because if bipolar disorder?


Me too! I had a talk with a professional coach last night who gave me some really good advice. I could hear the wisdom of his words. I believe what he says and I know I can do it and reach my work goals today- but I first have to manage this illness. I thought I would show you what it’s like. This is finally the second part of my Bipolar Disorder and ADD Focus Problems blog for BP Magazine. [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder and Focus Problems: How Do You Do it Julie?

rows tulipsHere is a reader question from Michelle. She asks important questions. How DO we get through the days, weeks, months and years when we have focus problems because of bipolar disorder! (By the way, writing this felt like going to the dentist!)


Hi Julie!

Can you please tell me how you are consistently productive and living with bipolar disorder? I too, am a writer, and I start projects, but can’t finish them. I have boundless energy for awhile, then I crash. I can’t commit to making long term projects with people because I can’t depend on myself that I can follow through. Where do you get your energy? How do you manage on a daily basis? I wake up each day not knowing [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder Focus Problems?

julie fast get it done cover

Having trouble getting things done?

Here’s a tip I’m currently using with my business partner as we sit at the table and curse our ADD brains! 1. Put yourself in a place you can work. We often meet at coffee shops where I’m perfectly fine in the noise and bustle. My partner prefers the quiet. We compromise. If your office setting isn’t working, pick up your work and go to another room. It is possible. Where you work affects your output. Look around- are you in a location that is conducive to getting things done? Julie

Ps: Click here to read my Bp Magazine Blog: Bipolar Disorder and Focus Problems: A Day in the Life of a Swivel Head.


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