Ten FACTS I’ve Learned from Coaching Family Members and Partners of People with Bipolar Disorder

b fatherI’ve been a coach for family members and partners of people with bipolar disorder for over five years. I’ve learned a LOT in this time that I rarely see in books or online. I’d like to share this with you. It’s not completely scientific as it’s from my own research. I’ve talked with thousands of family members and partners since starting BipolarHappens.com in 2002, so the pool of information is very large.

1. People with bipolar disorder go to college at a much higher rate than the national average.

2. The pot, marijuana, weed, etc on the market today is much, much higher in THC than in the past and can cause psychosis in people with bipolar disorder. People are talking about this now- I didn’t learn about it until working with a family whose son had a lot of psychosis and was [ Read More ]

Bipolar Happens! is in the Top Ten of Bipolar Disorder Books on the Kindle!

BHenhanced 65Bipolar Happens: 35 Tips and Tricks to Manage Bipolar Disorder is in the top ten of Bipolar Disorder books on the Kindle!

That’s exciting. I went to the Kindle store to see how my books Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder and Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder were doing on the bipolar disorder page. These books are in the top ten ranking- and then I saw that Bipolar Happens! was up there as well.

Fantastic! Bipolar Happens! is an enjoyable book about a serious topic.

Guess what- it’s only $.99 I want it to be available to everyone.

Yes, I think this is a great deal and a good way to get helpful information about bipolar disorder at minimum cost. Bipolar Happens! was my first book. I knew I wanted to talk about how I manage the illness, but I also wanted to [ Read More ]

Accepting New Family Member and Partner Coaching Clients

b fatherWriting books on bipolar disorder has been my career for over ten years. I enjoy writing and plan to do a lot more. (It can be a challenge when the mood swings are paying a visit, that’s for sure.)

Over four years ago, I started coaching partners and family members of people with bipolar disorder as an addition to my writing career.

I never, ever thought I would find work that I enjoy as much as I enjoy coaching. I feel at home with the parents and partners as I have been where they are- and I remain calm during the crises that many of my clients are going through while we are working together. Bipolar disorder is like a puzzle. It’s not always easy to find the right pieces on your own. It helps to have a coach as a guide.

My coaching [ Read More ]

What Does Bipolar Disorder Mania Look Like?

manic pic

My number one tip for managing bipolar disorder? Know what your mood swings look like from the minute they start. The very first thought of mania for example often tells you all you need to know. “The colors are so gorgeous today!” is a thought I get when I start hypomania. I don’t think this way normally. When I’m in an average mood, I will notice colors, but I don’t FEEL THEM PHYSICALLY like I do when manic. I now know that having this simple thought-

‘The colors are GORGEOUSSSSSSS today’

is a sign that I’m not stable. I go into action and make sure I manage the bipolar instead of running around buying 25 new Sharpies, a set of paints and some watercolor paper so that I can capture the moment! Ha!

Here’s a picture I use when I train health [ Read More ]

Advice for a tough night….

yoda bipolar

Bipolar Disorder on the Road Book Excerpt 2: Why does travel trigger bipolar disorder symptoms?

Click here to read part one of this series on bipolar disorder and travel.


What is the goal of my next book On the Road with Bipolar Disorder: Four Steps to Successful and Stable Travel?

The goal of this book is to help you manage your bipolar disorder before, during and after you travel. It’s a four step process:

1. Prep

2. Travel

3. You’re There

4. Back Home

Have you ever noticed that stories in the news about troublesome bipolar disorder behavior often involve travel? This happens because travel condenses a large number of bipolar disorder triggers into a very short period of time. Here are the most common bipolar disorder triggers due to travel:

1. Travel puts you in different time zones. Anything that changes your sleep has the [ Read More ]

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