Hello Australia! Bipolar Disorder and Light Exposure. Four Keys to Successfully Manage the Illness on Sunny Days

The Key To Success

Bipolar disorder mood swings in the sunny, Australian winter. It’s not easy to figure out how sunlight and darkness affect bipolar disorder. It’s often as much to do with WHEN you are exposed to light and darkness as how much. Learning about your circadian rhythm is essential. Read Geralyn’s question below and think of how you would answer. I’m interested to then know how you feel about my answer as it might be different than you expect!

I just received a Facebook question from Geralyn in Australia.

“Hi Julie, did you know that in the part of Australia where I live the worst time for bipolar swings is Summer not Winter because you have to keep heat out by shutting curtains etc. which means less light. I’m having hypomania, I’m taking my medication – any other tips you could offer to [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder? You Can Get Things Done When Life Gets Tough


Business Finish Line


Do you have trouble getting things done when bipolar disorder is active?

Do you care about someone who would like to be more productive, but the bipolar disorder mood swings make it difficult to get things done? I have good news. People with bipolar disorder can learn to get things done! I was recently interviewed by health and lifestyle guru Dr. Lorraine Haataia on the topic of how we can learn to get things done no matter what we are going through in life. She asked me about my own experiences around bipolar disorder and work and we then had an inspiring conversation on how the strategies in my book Get it Done When You’re Depressed: 50 Strategies for Getting Your Life on Track can help anyone who struggles with motivation (my views on motivation may surprise you!), getting started [ Read More ]

Accepting New Family and Partner Coaching Clients

b fatherGreat news- I’ve had a waiting list for my coaching over the past six months. I’m now taking new clients.


Writing books on bipolar disorder has been my career for over ten years. I enjoy writing and plan to do a lot more. (It can be a challenge when the mood swings are paying a visit, that’s for sure.)

Over four years ago, I started coaching partners and family members of people with bipolar disorder as an addition to my writing career.

I never, ever thought I would find work that I enjoy as much as I enjoy coaching. I feel at home with the parents and partners as I have been where they are- and I remain calm during the crises that many of my clients are going through while we are working together. Bipolar disorder is like a puzzle. It’s not [ Read More ]

Can you Create Happy Holidays When You Have Bipolar Disorder? Of course!










Do you have plans for the Festive Season? Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve? There is still time to work out who you will see and where you will be. We are social creatures- as seen by the Santa mob below. If you have a tendency to isolate and not take care of your needs during the holidays, what can you do differently this year? If you usually get overwhelmed and burn out during the holiday seasons, what can you do to voice your absolutely right to say NO to what you can’t or simply don’t want to do? My goal is for all of us to glide through the next few weeks with ease.


[ Read More ]

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder

Oh yes, the dark weather has started here in Portland, Oregon. It’s easy to experience seasonal affective disorder symptoms when it gets dark at 4:00 PM. I have found that prevention is the best treatment for SAD. The first step is to determine your worst time of the day. When do you feel the most down? It’s around 4-6 PM for me.

Here are some tips for how I manage and prevent seasonal affective disorder :

1. I get natural light in my eyes if there is sun in the morning. Look up at the sky and let the light get into your retina so it can tell your brain to switch on your serotonin. You want to look at blue sky whenever possible- this is the blue light that helps depression. Light boxes can cause mania in people with bipolar disorder. I [ Read More ]

BP Magazine Blog: Are Cortisone Shots Safe for Bipolar Disorder?

Cortisone shot caused depression and hypo mania. [ Read More ]

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