Find Your Inner Drill Sergeant: Get Up! Get Out! Get it Done!

This is my blog from 2007. Isn’t it amazing how this illness just keeps chugging along even when we do our best to stay stable! My depression is so much better, but I still have the tough days – the stunned days. I have to get out my drill sergeant pretty often!

drill sargeant 75

From 2007: I woke up depressed. I was up a few nights ago so I’m obviously rapid cycling. I called a friend to tell her I was manic- this is part of my treatment plan- and she said, “Ok. What happens next?” I said, “Well, I feel so good right now, but I will probably go down. It always happens even though I never believe it will. I just have to look at the way it has been in the past.” Two days later I am down.

When I [ Read More ]

One Bipolar Disorder Drama After Another!

No-drama1I used to have a lot of drama in my life. Much of it was due to my own choices, some of it was due to bipolar disorder causing me to make stupid choices, such as when I get manic.

I have changed completely in the past few years. I’m no longer willing to make decisions and then just hope they turn out ok.

I get too sick when I do this. I have goals in life that I want to reach- speaking to large groups on mental health, reducing the suicide rate in this country, financial stability, physical health- big stuff for sure!

The only way I can accomplish my goals is to examine every potential decision for disaster (drama!) from sending an email telling someone they are ignoring me to saying yes to a request. I’ve learned to ask myself the following questions before [ Read More ]

You Can Get Things Done When You’re Depressed!

julie car head in hands 2015

Does bipolar disorder depression keep you from getting things done? It’s a life long struggle for me and I will get through it and you can too!

Here I am sitting in my car with my typical bipolar disorder dilemma. What to do next? I’m amazed at how my brain works just fine one morning and then without any changes in my life, I’m sitting in my car and it’s absolutely painful to make a simple decision.

This is bipolar disorder in a nut shell! Having trouble getting things done is a bipolar disorder symptom. Most of us have it. It’s not personal. We are not lazy. It’s even worse when you’re depressed. If you love someone with this illness, you might wonder why the person you care about simply can’t work they way they want to. This is [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder and Thanksgiving Part One…………..


Let’s Make Thanksgiving Great This Year!



There is a commercial on the radio where I live here in Portland, Oregon that always makes me laugh. It says… ‘Beware of the holiday horrors! Buy all of your holiday presents now, the day after Thanksgiving and save yourself the stress of waiting until the last minute!” Oh, it sounds like torture to me! When did Thanksgiving become so much about Black Friday sales? In case you didn’t know, Black Friday is a sales day after the Thursday Thanksgiving. It’s called Black Friday because it’s a day businesses can make enough money to balance the books instead of being in the red!


As a person with bipolar disorder or a [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder and the Thanksgiving Holiday part two…….

Continued from Thanksgiving part one…..

My friend Margery who has bipolar disorder just called and told me that her sister has decided to come down to Portland instead of staying in Seattle. Margery said, “I cooked her dinner a few years ago, Julie. I’m not spending days cooking for something that is gone in a few hours. It’s too stressful!” I agree. Margery just reserved a full Thanksgiving dinner from Whole foods. She picks it up Thanksgiving morning! She said it was so cheap when everyone went in on it. These stores have great and inexpensive salad bars as well.

Good idea: Say no to cooking if it’s too much for you. Let others do it or buy dinner from a store and bring it home. Or, eat out!

I’d like to say I’m immune to the whole Thanksgiving thing- [ Read More ]

BP Magazine blog: Letter from a Dysphoric Manic Person

ensor dysphoric manic

What do people who are in a bipolar disorder dysphoric manic episode really think? I wrote a blog for BP Magazine on this topic based on my own dysphoric manic thoughts and the stories I’ve heard for many years about how dysphoric mania turns us into people no one can recognize.

A bit of background- there are two levels of mania- HYPOMANIA and FULL BLOWN MANIA. Bipolar one has hypomania and full blown mania. Bipolar two has hypomania. There are two sides to the mania coin: euphoric mania and dysphoric mania.

EUPHORIC MANIA- WOO HOO! Most of us know euphoric mania- active,upbeat, positive goal oriented, inclusive, full of ourselves, but not menacing, artistic, bright and filled with energy that often fills a room. Sleep isn’t needed or wanted. Many people love euphoric mania and won’t take meds because it means [ Read More ]

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