Accepting New Family Member and Partner Coaching Clients

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Over five years ago, I started coaching partners and family members of people with bipolar disorder as an addition to my writing career.

I never thought I would find work that I enjoy as much as I enjoy coaching. I feel at home with the parents and partners as I have been where they are- and I remain calm during the crises that many of my clients are going through while we are working together. Bipolar disorder is like a puzzle. It’s not always easy to find the right pieces on your own. It helps to have a coach as a guide.

My coaching practice has room for new clients. I take new clients about once a month-and then help them as best I can. It’s a partnership that saves relationships and often lives.

Coaching is not for everyone, but if you are [ Read More ]

A Bipolar Disorder Blast from the Past.. it’s always something!

Getting_Better_-_The_Beatles_(sheet_music)This is a blog post from 2009. I’m sharing it today because it shows how far I have come and how far you can come when you get a management plan that works. I read this and realized that these work and depression episodes don’t happen to me anymore. My depression, mania, anxiety and psychosis are always lurking, but they are under control. I have tools for the situations I describe below. I write about them in my books. I NEVER thought I would have the life I have now, but I do. I’m happy, stable and I CAN WORK!

From 2009

I always know I’m depressed if I wake up and suddenly hear an avalanche of negative thoughts. Sometimes I wake up and think- hmm, what fun things do I have to do today? Those are miracle days where I just [ Read More ]

What Does Bipolar Disorder Mania Look Like?

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My number one tip for managing bipolar disorder? Know what your mood swings look like from the minute they start. The very first thought of mania for example often tells you all you need to know. “The colors are so gorgeous today!” is a thought I get when I start hypomania. I don’t think this way normally. When I’m in an average mood, I will notice colors, but I don’t FEEL THEM PHYSICALLY like I do when manic. I now know that having this simple thought-

‘The colors are GORGEOUSSSSSSS today’

is a sign that I’m not stable. I go into action and make sure I manage the bipolar instead of running around buying 25 new Sharpies, a set of paints and some watercolor paper so that I can capture the moment! Ha!

Here’s a picture I use when I train health [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder Focus Problems?

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Having trouble getting things done?

Here’s a tip I’m currently using with my business partner as we sit at the table and curse our ADD brains! 1. Put yourself in a place you can work. We often meet at coffee shops where I’m perfectly fine in the noise and bustle. My partner prefers the quiet. We compromise. If your office setting isn’t working, pick up your work and go to another room. It is possible. Where you work affects your output. Look around- are you in a location that is conducive to getting things done? Julie

Ps: Click here to read my Bp Magazine Blog: Bipolar Disorder and Focus Problems: A Day in the Life of a Swivel Head.


Bipolar Disorder Depression: ” Julie, Can You Help Me? I Feel Like I Can’t Go On….”

circle flowerHere is a post from last year when I was in a down swing. I hope it helps if you’re in a downswing today. Julie

I’ve been posting a lot to Facebook lately. I have a wonderful bipolar disorder community on my page and I find great solace, fun and a lot of joy from the posts. Here is a question from a reader and my answer.

” Julie, please help me. I feel like I can’t go on… How do you do it? .”

It took me many years to find the answer, but it’s simple- I understand and accept that the feeling that I can’t go on is just another symptom of bipolar disorder and it’s common when you’re in a down swing. It’s common after you have had a bad manic episode- it’s so common that I [ Read More ]

Getting Through the Family Holiday Dinner When You Have Bipolar Disorder

funny familly Going home to visit my family during the holidays used to be a joy when I was a child. Bipolar disorder changed this for many years. I saw family gatherings as a place that highlighted my shortcomings, my medication weight gain and how behind I was in life because of this illness.

It’s Easter tomorrow and for those who celebrate the day with a big family dinner, planning ahead for the inevitable feelings that come up for people with bipolar disorder is essential.

Now that my bipolar disorder is under control and I’m more able to accept myself for who I am, I enjoy dinners with family and friends. I still have the illness. I still struggle with my weight and I still get stressed when there are too many people around, but wow, life is so much better when you [ Read More ]

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