My Bp Magazine Blog Post: Does My Teenager Have Bipolar Disorder?

Teenagers gloomy


It’s hard to know if your teenager has bipolar disorder simply because teenagers are emotional creatures! How are parents supposed to figure out what is typical and what is a possible bipolar disorder symptom when so many teenage behaviors seems to mimic the ups and downs of bipolar disorder? I address this question in my latest blog for Bp Magazine.




After years of working with parents who ask me this exact question, I came up with a quick tool all parents can use to at least determine if a teenager needs an evaluation from a health care professional. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but wow, it can save a lot of future grief!

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Do You Care About Someone with Bipolar Disorder Who Refuses Help for Bipolar Disorder?

communicate blueYou are not alone! Many people with bipolar disorder can’t see they are ill and many know they have the illness, but stubbornly refuse help!

Here are three tips to ease your loved one into future treatment:

1. If the person refuses to say the words bipolar disorder, don’t try to force the issue…yet. Instead, talk about feeling good, feeling down, feeling upset or feeling angry.

2. Focus on sleep. Many people with untreated mood disorders are open to getting help for sleep. Talk about sleep studies, small doses of melatonin four hours before midnight and talking to a professional to get help for sleeping issues.

3. If it feels right, talk about anxiety. I’ve learned through working with parents and partners that people who refuse to use the words bipolar disorder will often have an open discussion about anxiety, especially men.

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Accepting New Family and Partner Coaching Clients

b fatherGreat news- I’ve had a waiting list for my coaching over the past six months. I’m now taking new clients.


Writing books on bipolar disorder has been my career for over ten years. I enjoy writing and plan to do a lot more. (It can be a challenge when the mood swings are paying a visit, that’s for sure.)

Over four years ago, I started coaching partners and family members of people with bipolar disorder as an addition to my writing career.

I never, ever thought I would find work that I enjoy as much as I enjoy coaching. I feel at home with the parents and partners as I have been where they are- and I remain calm during the crises that many of my clients are going through while we are working together. Bipolar disorder is like a puzzle. It’s not [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder and Thanksgiving Part One…………..


Let’s Make Thanksgiving Great This Year!



There is a commercial on the radio where I live here in Portland, Oregon that always makes me laugh. It says… ‘Beware of the holiday horrors! Buy all of your holiday presents now, the day after Thanksgiving and save yourself the stress of waiting until the last minute!” Oh, it sounds like torture to me! When did Thanksgiving become so much about Black Friday sales? In case you didn’t know, Black Friday is a sales day after the Thursday Thanksgiving. It’s called Black Friday because it’s a day businesses can make enough money to balance the books instead of being in the red!


As a person with bipolar disorder or a [ Read More ]

Bipolar Disorder and Thanksgiving part two…….

Continued from Thanksgiving part one…..

My friend Margery who has bipolar disorder just called and told me that her sister has decided to come down to Portland instead of staying in Seattle. Margery said, “I cooked her dinner a few years ago, Julie. I’m not spending days cooking for something that is gone in a few hours. It’s too stressful!” I agree. Margery just reserved a full Thanksgiving dinner from Whole foods. She picks it up Thanksgiving morning! She said it was so cheap when everyone went in on it. These stores have great and inexpensive salad bars as well.

Good idea: Say no to cooking if it’s too much for you. Let others do it or buy dinner from a store and bring it home. Or, eat out!

I’d like to say I’m immune to the whole Thanksgiving thing- [ Read More ]

Bipolar Happens! is the #1 Bipolar Disorder Book on the Kindle!

BHenhanced 65Bipolar Happens: 35 Tips and Tricks to Manage Bipolar Disorder is the #1 Bipolar Disorder Book on the Kindle!

That’s exciting. I went to the Kindle store to see how my books Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder and Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder were doing on the bipolar disorder page. These books are in the top ten ranking- and then I saw that Bipolar Happens! was #1.

Fantastic! Bipolar Happens! is an enjoyable book about a serious topic.

Guess what- it’s only $.99 I want it to be available to everyone.

Yes, I think this is a great deal and a good way to get helpful information about bipolar disorder at minimum cost. Bipolar Happens! was my first book. I knew I wanted to talk about how I manage the illness, but I also wanted to tell stories about how it affects [ Read More ]

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