I Treat Bipolar First: Keep Calm and Turn it All Off

If the marching and events that happened in the United States today and around the world are too stressful for your bipolar disorder to the point they can affect your sleep, it is ok to turn of the computer- turn off the social media- turn of the Facebook and Twitter and TV and… – read a mystery novel. – go to a movie. – talk with a friend. – take a nice bath. – play with an animal. – if you are lucky enough to have this option, put some loving hanky panky in your life. I treat bipolar disorder first. If I read what is on Facebook right now, I will get upset. It’s ok that I don’t march. I love it [ Read More ]

Julie Interview in People Magazine about the Amazing Carrie Fisher


I was just interviewed by People Magazine about Carrie Fisher’s impact on our mental health world. What a wonderful woman. What a legacy she leaves behind. She will be missed. Click here to read the excellent article:

Inside Carrie Fisher’s Revolutionary Openness About Her Mental Illness: ‘She Changed the World’


Carrie Fisher and Staying Stable

What advice do you have for those who are deeply saddened by the people who have left the earth this year? I know it can be tough to have bipolar disorder and hear of so many deaths. How can we mourn someone we cared about and remain stable?

How can we say thank you for all that Carrie Fisher did for people with bipolar disorder and keep ourselves in one piece?

My advice is to set up a specific mourning time that has an end date. Rituals for the death of a loved one can be incredibly helpful. Create a collage. Write a poem. Do a beautiful, loving post about how the person changed your life. Then, and this is hard. Take care of your bipolar disorder. You matter too.

My Julie A. Fast Facebook page has more great support.



Julie A. Fast Interview about Kanye West and Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

kanye I was recently interviewed about #Kanye West and bipolar disorder. A link to the article from Good Magazine is below. It is very well done. I always find it interesting to see how my words are used in print. I offered a lot of back up information on why I feel Kanye has bipolar disorder. This is not in the article as much as I would like due to the length, but I do feel he has the classic signs of bipolar disorder and possible schizo affective disorder and hopefully he will get the help he needs this time. I have been where Kim is right now, and it’s scary. She is hurting and he is hurting and my compassion [ Read More ]

Post Election Emotions: Treat Bipolar Disorder First



Take care of yourself today. Take care of your mental health. No matter what happened in the election, there is one thing that does not need to happen today. You do not have to get sick.

If you have a mental health disorder, sleep is paramount. Make sure you sleep tonight no matter what. If you have a tendency towards psychosis as I do, watch for signs of paranoia and do something about the signs now. If you’re depressed, anxious and worried about our future, focus on yourself and staying stable.

Change is a part of life. Sometimes we like the change and sometimes we don’t. Half of our country is deliriously happy and the other half is [ Read More ]

Where’s Julie? Oxford University Mental Health Panel on October 25, 2016

The Student Mental Health Crisis – What Next?



I’m speaking on a mental health panel at the Oxford Union at Oxford University in England on October 25th and could use your help. If you are a college student or know a college student in the US who has bipolar disorder, what is available at school for helping the student? I’m sure the British crowd will ask me about the US system. I know a lot about it from a parent perspective and would like to hear from someone who is actually in school. Thanks!

From the Oxford Union website.

The Student Mental Health Crisis – What Next?

25% of adults suffer from [ Read More ]

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