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(A note from Julie: I specialize in crisis coaching that eventually becomes a management plan for the whole family. My work is extremely discrete. I never share my client list and offer help even when change feels impossible. You are not alone. Coaching works.)


Many years ago, I started coaching partners and family members of people with bipolar disorder as an addition to my writing career.

I never thought I would find work that I enjoy as much as I enjoy coaching. I feel at home with the parents and partners as I have been where they are- and I remain calm during the crises that many of my clients are going through while we are working together. Bipolar disorder is like a puzzle. It’s not always easy to find [ Read More ]

Free Call with Julie: Avoid The Bipolar Conversation.. for Parents, Partners and Health Care Professionals



Avoid The Bipolar Conversation:

3 Strategies for Successful Communication When Your Loved One or Client is in a Mood Swing

A Free Phone-In Event with bestselling author and coach Julie A. Fast.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

2:00 PM PST

5:00 PM EST/10:00 PM London, England GMT

What if you could learn to recognize a loved one’s or client’s mood swings from the beginning and create a communication plan that works even when a person is ill? It is possible when you use the strategies from Julie’s books Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder and Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder.

In this complimentary call, Julie will show you how to not only recognize a mood swing before it goes [ Read More ]

Reader Question: Children and Mental Health Diagnoses

question_markJust answered this great question from reader and advocate Judy Fryer on my live chat with Martin Baker and Fran Houston for the launch of their new book High Tide, Low Tide: The Caring Friend’s Guide to Bipolar Disorder. (I often do live question and answer sessions on my Julie A. Fast Facebook account.)

Julie, In the UK, the drs are very reluctant to diagnose children with a mental illness. It is very difficult to discern if a child is displaying signs of mental illness or being ‘naughty’. The danger is, we put their ‘ bad’ behaviour down to puberty and we miss the signs. Any pointers as what to look out for?”

Hello Judy!

The first step is to examine the family history and see if the child has symptoms that were [ Read More ]

Hortensia and the Magical Brain: I would love your help in finding a subtitle for my new book!

hortensia color 02 copyI’d love your help choosing a sub-title for my next book! I’m moving forward with a book of poetry for kids who have serious mental health disorders. It’s whimsical and manages to be fun- despite the intense topic.

It’s called Hortensia and the Magical Brain.

The book is for parents, care givers and health care professionals to read to kids with symptoms of bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, psychosis, anger and aggression and ADHD symptoms, just to name a few.

It’s fantastical- in other words, though I will keep it original, it’s a Harry Potter type book where reality and the magical intermix in a fun and educational way.

Here is an original sketch of Hortensia and the Bipolar Witches from illustrator Kaytie Spellman’s magical drawings. I have [ Read More ]

Parent of a University Student with Bipolar Disorder?


Bipolar Disorder and College: What Parents NEED to Know…. by Julie A. Fast

University life is basically a petri dish for growing bipolar disorder symptoms. I’ll be blunt. People with bipolar disorder tend to have trouble in a college setting. As you surely know, this has zero to do with intelligence and school ability and has everything to do with sleep changes, new relationships, an often out of control drinking and drug culture, familial expectations, grade pressures and for many, being away from home for the first time.

If your child goes to school without a plan to manage bipolar disorder, the illness will probably start to manage your child.

Three Success Strategies to Manage Bipolar Disorder in a University Setting Here are three strategies you can use immediately to prepare for this [ Read More ]

Guest Blogger Tara Rolstad: Parenting Children with Mental Health Disorders. It Gets Better!

Tara book signing 2 13 15(Note from Julie: Tara and Dave’s book, No Really, We Want You to Laugh: Mental Illness and Stand Up Comedy Transforming Lives was just nominated for an independent book award.)

Unique, alone, and never-ending.

When I started my journey seven years ago walking alongside family members who lived with mental illness, I was pretty sure those words would always define my experience.

My husband and I had become foster parents for two nieces, and I became legal guardian of a third, and we helped my parents as they took in a fourth. It wasn’t long before the severity of the girls’ PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, depression and anxiety became clear.

We who had known nothing, really, about mental illness would eventually [ Read More ]

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