GlaxoSmithKline prescription assistance program for Lamictal (Lamotrigine)

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the great comments you leave on the blog. Here is some information on Glaxo’s prescription program. They make Lamictal- it’s now available in generic, but if you qualify, this may be cheaper. For those of you new to Lamictal- it’s an anti convulsant used to treat bipolar depression.  It has helped so many people, but it’s expensive.


Most major drug companies have programs to help low income people with bipolar disorder get prescription help.  Here is a link for GlaxoSmithKline, the makers of Lamictal.

I have to ask this- where is the help for the middle class!!!


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  • Rosa

    Hi Julie~
    I had a horrible experience with my “miricle lamictal”. I was on it for about 20 months. At about 8 months, really felt the full affect. I was blissfully stable.

    Then, three months ago, I took my new script to my pharmacy. They filled my percription w/ a generic formula, and my co-pay went from about $70 to $15. Even though my gut said “no”. The deal was just too good.

    By the end of that month, I was hurled into a full-blown mixed phase. (which by the way, i didn’t even know there was such until I read your book!) I was close to going to my psych, so just waited. When I told him what happend, BOY did he have a reaction. He was furious! He explained that the FDA allows a 20% difference in meds when creating generics. He said, “and guess which way they go.”

    Well, it’s 3 months later, and I am still struggling w/ this episode. Meds are being tweaked pretty oftern.

    I have to say that I truly enjoyed the manic part of my episode when I went back to the pharmacy and they said they’d filled it with generic again.

    I “strongly suggested” that they NOT mess with crazy people’s perscriptions! I couldn’t resist. . .

  • Hi Julie,

    I don’t know about help for the middle class – I’m definitely not in the middle class – but I had some really important news for low income people like Gina who are in the donut hole of Medicare Part D. I learned it this year at a conference, glady. I was VERY concerned about the donut hole but then I learned that if you are “dual eligible,” in other words qualify for or have Medi-Medi, that you do NOT have a donut hole. Wow! Yeah. I know everyone’s situation is different but I was able to “spend down” or cash out whatever money I’m not allowed to have and qualify for MediCal (Medicaid). It’s really been worth it to me too because, as an added perk, if you qualify for Medi-Medi you are also enrolled in something called Special Assistance or Special Help, something like that. Through that program I only pay $3.10 for brand name drugs and $1.05 for generics. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Now they’re switching up the formulary on me in January, which I’m NOT happy about, but I can deal with that. Now I’m just waiting to see if I’m approved for MediCal for 2009. Pray for me!

    Michelle :)

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  • Michelle Johnson

    Please tell me where, if any, I can get assistance with paying for my daughter’s prescriptions of Lamictal. It has been proven that she cannot take generic and remain seizure free. Please help us! She is paying $120 a month for two separate dosages. Please contact me at My daughter is 23, works and finally leads a normal life with the help of Lamictal but she is struggling to pay the co-pays.

    Thank you,

    Michelle Johnson

    • Hello Michelle,

      Glaxo Smith Kline has a program for reduced medication costs. Here is the link. You have perfect timing as this is my latest blog for BP Magazine. I’ll put the link up here on the site tomorrow. I have a new insurance plan and found out that it doesn’t cover my old meds. Wow!

      To be honest, $120 copay for the brand Lamictal is incredibly cheap. The medications themselves can be thousands a month depending on the dose.

      Don’t give up hope! I will send you an email when I’ve finished the blog. I’m writing it today. Julie

  • Maralyn

    Hi Julie,

    I have taken lamictal since 2004 as my primary mood stabilizer. Like many others, I have tried to switch to generic lamictal on multiple occasions. Many times my bipolar symptoms return stronger and I have even been hospitalized. This year my prescription drug company refuses to pay for name brand lamictal or Wellbutrin XL. With my co-pay benefits it will cost me more than $3000 for a 90 day supply of lamictal. And, this is with some benefit assistance.

    I tried the link about that you provided, however it does not appear to be working. The other challenge is that I would not be considered low income; however, I cannot afford $12,000 per year for lamictal. I take a combination of meds in order to keep me stable.

    I’m currently awaiting a response to an appeal that I filed with the prescription company. So far it looks like my company’s not going to budge on the plan. As long as a generic equivalent is offered the name brand will no longer be available for a 90 day $90 co-pay. I wish the generics worked for me, they just don’t!

    Today, I felt so defeated! I wonder why I should even bother. I even have a plan. That is very scary for me!

    Can you offer any other suggestions?

    Thank you for being so transparent and making this information available for everyone!

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