It’s Normal to Be Worn Out if You Have Bipolar Disorder


It is normal to get worn out if you have bipolar disorder. And before someone writes and says, “Everyone gets worn out Julie!” Please know that the type of WORN OUT that those of us with bipolar disorder experience is NOT experienced by the general public.

This is bipolar worn out!



PS: Click here to read my latest blog from Bp Magazine on the topic It’s Normal to Struggle if You Have Bipolar Disorder. 



2 comments to It’s Normal to Be Worn Out if You Have Bipolar Disorder

  • Steve

    my wife suffers from BP2 but I think she is really clinically depressed (she doesn’t have upswings, and is mostly down). She has taken every medication, combo of medication and has spent years in counseling, as well as out-patient therapy. I consider her an extreme case, and was wondering if folks have any input on ECT. My wife doesn’t think she is there yet (for ECT) but thought I would ask. My wife has both parents that have had physo chemical issues. Maybe i need to go to nami. 🙁
    any advise is appreciated.

  • Laia M. Balta

    Hi Julie, totally agree. On the other hand, I’m happy that my family and friends have never had the experience. I wouldn’t like them to be where we are so often.

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