Watch out for summer bipolar mania!


Depression says: I can’t do anything.

Mania says: I can do  ANYTHING!

Mania peaks in the summer.  That  means that hospitalizations for mania peak in the summer. Think of your past or the past of someone you care about. Is mania a concern? Do you have a plan?

It’s so important to know the signs of mania. If you have the Health Cards, now is the time to get out your Mania Health Card and set up a plan before potential mania starts.


PS:  This is the greatest picture ever!

1 comment to Watch out for summer bipolar mania!

  • Hi Julie,
    Great post and reminders.
    I know summer is the time when Mania can be at its worst.
    But for me, my worst mania episodes occurred in late autumn/ winter, coinciding with the date of my PSTD trigger.
    I’m now Recovered, not having an episode since 2006.
    Karen Tyrrell:)
    PS Great photo too.

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