Oprah show about bipolar disorder today – featuring Maurice Benard

Dear Julie,
Today’s OPRAH’s topic is bi-polar disorder.  I have bi-polar and used to work on “General Hospital.”  The show will feature Maurice Benard, an actor on “GH” who has bi-polar and whose character, “Sonny Corinthos” does as well.  He appeared on “Oprah” in 2004.  Last year there was a lengthy storyline about bi-polar, and they try to fit it in during the general storyline as well (such as the character going off his meds, drinking when he gets stressed, etc.)  At least they are trying to de-stigmatize it somewhat… it isn’t easy.  Oh, and if you wonder why he taped his segment in L.A. instead of Chicago, he gets panic attacks if he tries to get on an airplane.

I don’t know whether you can get the word out for folks to tape “Oprah” today, but I know they re-run it around 1:00 AM (great for manic episodes 😉 at night.
Thanks for all you do to help those with bi-polar disorder.